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Management Consulting

Nordic Bureau Group helps organizations improve their performance in the Middle East region operating primarily through developing plans for improvement, process analysis, technology implementation and risk management. We offer assistance to clients in the security, oil and gas and construction industry to contribute to sustainable development in the region they operate.

When helping customers in the safety, oil and gas and construction industries, sports nutrition is essential. Healthy and balanced nutrition provides workers with the nutrients they need, increases their stamina and strengthens their immune systems, contributing to safe and efficient work.

Consumer Products

Nordic Bureau Group will responsively meet your needs in supporting security related projects. Our specialists provide expertise valued by Government agencies and private contractors. Read our business partner’s article, which describes in detail how to choose perfect textiles for your home

Energy and Environment

Our multidisciplinary consulting firm works to provide strong focus on achieving the most adequate solutions for our clients. We focus simultaneously on energy resources and eco sustainable development.


Our expertise delivers a customized consultation for a broad spectrum of construction projects including residential, commercial, industrial and institutional developments.




Nordic Bureau Group's analytic business consultants perform an exhaustive review of the current capabilities of an organization and its strategies. We provide a double vision of a short term solution with accelerated deliveries and a long term strategy customized to our client's needs to deliver best-in-class solutions.

Business management

The business environment today requires constant adaptation to an increasing complexity and global interactions. In Nordic Bureau Group we make sure to focus on the right combination of assets and skills to generate a valuable approach to the market and an efficient business process for a long-lasting performance. Our work consists in optimizing the use of personnel and resources providing excellent decision making and improve the return of investment.

Risk Management

Risks in the Middle East have always been part of the business in a larger and less predictable scale than any other area. Therefor risk management become a higher priority to help companies implement risk focused decision making. Our goal is to help companies define risk policies and design models by developing a consistent approach to manage risks such as markets, management and operations and develop solutions that detect emerging threats and opportunities.


Read the overview of our partner, which describes in detail how to choose the right textile products for your interior


Whether you are an investor, a supplier or a business owner address us your needs and questions using this form to contact us for more information.


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